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The years ahead are sure to show an escalation in the war against the Earth and its inhabitants by the purveyors of global capitalism.

As satellites orbit the earth and spy upon its inhabitants, multinational corporate interests, with the collusion of national and world governing bodies, continue to consolidate power and privatize anything and everything within sight.

Everything from the latest communication technologies, to our water and the very genetic building blocks of life are being "legally" stolen from us.

The good news is that after what is popularly referred to as the Battle of Seattle (the Nov 30th-Dec 3rd demonstrations that stopped the Seattle World Trade Organization (WTO) negotiations and sent them into a humilating retreat to Qatar) there has been a major resurgence in activism.

The new empahasis is on creating a de-centralized network of collectives to change the very basis of society-the way people live-this means build cooperative housing so that resouces can be shared and people learn the social skills necessary to live in a more communal world.

Another major aspect is to create workplace and community assemblies to bring power back to the local level.

These new organizations make decisions on a consensus basis and have no one leader so as to bring to the table a diversity of perspectives and to prevent a few individuals from usurping power from the larger body.

The time has come for Omaha to build a community of its own and participate in the larger movement nationally and globally.

Bring ideas, proposals and examples of projects that have worked for other communities-for example what has worked for other groups/communities in setting up and maintaining cooperative/communal housing-please forward this to anyone and everyone interested-see you there!!!!!!


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